Sunday, October 27, 2013

Swan Lake Birthday

Somehow I have been doing this sweet little girl's birthday cakes for THREE years now! 

This year, she was having a Swan Lake Ballet birthday party.  Her mom found some adorable ideas online and shared them with me.  I recreated everything she asked for, which included these ballet slipper cookies:

I cut out the shape of the ballet shoe using a template I made from cardboard.  Then I iced the slipper part and let that dry.  After that, I made pink strips of fondant for the laces.  And finally, I tied a pink ribbon in the hole I punched out prior to baking.

She also ordered tutu cupcakes.  I didn't get a great picture of them all together, but I got one.  She ordered these wrappers ahead of time and just had them shipped to me.  Unfortunately the wrappers were a little too tall and concealed the dress part of the tutu, but they were still gorgeous around the cupcake.

This was the cake she picked out.  In the original example that she found online, the ballet shoes were made out of sugar; but to save her some $, I found this ballet slipper ornament at a local craft store in the christmas section.  It worked!  

The square bottom part of the cake is also not real cake.  Like Julia's first birthday cake I just did, the cake her mom wanted was going to feed more than she needed so I just made part of it fake.  You can't even tell!

Thanks Regan for the order and Happy Swan Lake Birthday!!!

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