Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy First Birthday Julia!

Have I mentioned that I'm loving the pink and orange combo right now?!?

I received this order for a first birthday cake for a little girl turning one.  Her party was going to be at a pumpkin patch and the invitation had three little pumpkins with a cute designs on them.  Her mom sent me an email of a few cakes she liked and I fell in love with one of her favorites.  I ended up trying to recreate the cake she liked with a few tweaks to coordinate with the invitation as well.

Here it is!

She loved the tiered look of the cake but didn't need as much cake as that would make, so I came up with a plan to give it a tiered look without the extra cake.

This bottom part (the orange and white chevron) is actually not cake.  It's a cake dummy covered in paper!  The pumpkins and flowers going around the bottom are made out of sugar, as is the name banner, but not the bottom of the cake.

So, the only real cake part is the top which was covered in white fondant and decorated using fondant.  Everything is edible except the orange bows holding the draped pennant banner and the cupcake wrapper on the top.  I mounded the icing at the very top on the cupcake to give it the height it needed for the finished look.  I made the orange "1" a few days earlier to make sure it was nice and dry.

She also wanted some cupcakes, large and small, to go with the cake.  Since the event was at a pumpkin patch, it was a lot easier to eat cupcakes than slice a cake.  I made this custom cupcake stand to hold the cupcakes and to go with the cake.  

I loved how it all turned out and I hope she had a great first birthday!

Happy Birthday Julia!!

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  1. Julia's cake and cupcakes were amazing! Can't wait to order more from you. You are so talented!