Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Kristen!

Today is my beautiful sister's birthday!

I love to celebrate with her on this day.  And although I am not able to be with her in person this year, I sent her a box of goodies to let her know that she is loved and cherished!

We both share a love for butter cookies and have some wonderful memories baking and decorating them together.  So it was only natural to send her some!

She is having a get-together this evening with some friends and I wanted to contribute a little something. :)

I love how colorful and happy they turned out. :)

I also made her a little something for her house to help her enjoy her favorite time of the year.  

These pumpkins are not real.  Michael's craft store sells plain, undecorated pumpkins in black, white/cream, and orange that you can decorate yourself.  They come in three different sizes too.  I love a blank canvas, so I had too much fun hand-painting and decorating these for her.  I hope she'll be able to use these for years to come!

Happy Birthday Kristen!  Party on!!!

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