Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Baby Shower for Baby Kate

Y'all, I might have a new favorite.

Last weekend, my friend had her baby shower and I got to make the cake!  I love doing orders for people I know.  Knowing them helps me tailor the cake design to something I know they will like.  But for this order, a friend of hers picked out the design.  And I'm so glad she did because she found a really cool cake idea online.

Here's what she picked:

So cool right?!

We changed a few of the colors to coordinate better with the shower, and I came up with some new button designs using molds I already had.  

Here it is:

I love all the different buttons cascading down the side of the cake.  It's too cute!

I added some shimmer to the bottom layer to add a bit of gold to the fondant.  I also used edible gold shimmer dust on some of the buttons to make them look like gold.

I think the best photo is the one I caught all set up at the shower. 

Happy Baby Shower Baby Kate!  We can't wait to meet you!

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