Sunday, May 11, 2014

Elmo Birthday

Unfortunately, during the move, I did some pretty cute cakes but didn't get 'real' pictures of them.  I like to photograph my orders at the very end with my nice camera and not my phone.  The quality doesn't compare.

This Elmo cake for Addison is an example of what I'm talking about here.  I didn't get to capture a finished photo of the cake but I did get a quick snapshot of the cake almost finished.

Addison loves Elmo (just like my son!) and her mom found a really cute Elmo cake on Pinterest.  She also had a really cute top made for Addison to wear at her birthday.  I love how bright and colorful the cake was for a second birthday.  I tried to copy the cake as best as possible but I'll tell ya, cutting out Elmo by hand with an X-acto knife isn't easy and is hard to replicate.

Isn't this adorable?

I think it's the eyes that aren't quite right.  They're a little too far apart.

Did you know it's been proven (somehow, someway by someone that finds this stuff intriguing) that you are more "beautiful" if your eyes are closer together than farther apart?  I guess this goes for Elmo & Friends too.

Oh well.  The cake turned out cute and I'm sure Addison loved her Elmo cake with her name on it.

Happy Birthday Addison!

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