Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ladies Who Never Lunch

I love this new job of mine.  I get the opportunity to meet many different people who are searching for the perfect treat to go with some sort of celebration they are having.  It's always happy times and that helps make this job fun.  And this post is no different.  

I've recently met Katie Mehnert, a new friend and customer, who, very strangely, found me through Pinterest.  It was an interesting conversation we had on the phone, "And can I ask, how did you hear about me?"  With me expecting to hear, "Oh, through so-and-so."  Rather, she discovered me while Pinterest searching for treats for her daughter's upcoming train birthday.   Pinterest is huge and the odds of finding someone that is only about 20 miles away is impressive.  It was meant to be!

After chatting on the phone about her daughter's birthday, she mentioned she hosts an annual luncheon for ladies who don't lunch in December and that she might want a cake.  The title itself is intriguing, let alone the idea.  You can read more about it here (along with many other inspiring posts that will suck you in), but the main idea is to get working women, specifically in the oil and gas industry, together to have lunch with each other for some connectivity and fellowship. 

This year, Katie had close to 75 women at her home for lunch!  There was going to be a plethora of food and desserts so I didn't make anything too huge.   I focused on detail and making it girly.  

The colors of the party were red and black.  I made the high heel out of fondant and modeling chocolate.  The rhinestones are from a trim I found at Hobby Lobby.   Every part of the shoe is edible except the rhinestones.

I must point out the quote on the cake, which was the theme of this year's luncheon.  

"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the Devil says, "Oh crap, she's up.""

Isn't that just great?  I love it.  

Katie had these cute little bags with stemless wine glasses inside with the quote etched onto the glass.

And the napkins to tie in with the cake.
Thank you Katie for the order and I hope you all enjoyed your lunch!
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