Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lego Cake

This cake took me back to my childhood.  

My brother and I used to spend HOURS building and playing with the hundreds of lego pieces we somehow convinced our parents to buy us.  I'm pretty sure we had every set imaginable.  (By the way, lego sets these days are not what they used to be like.  They're so much more high tech and complicated!)

Anyway, I got an order for a lego cake for two brothers.  I knew I had to bring my A-game when creating the pieces.  Those boys would definitely know if I messed up a piece.  :)

So, I experimented a little with modeling chocolate to see if that would work easier than fondant for the lego pieces.  The yellow, green, blue, and red pieces are all made out of modeling chocolate.  The white, black, grey, and orange are fondant.  You can't really tell a difference between the two, but fondant or modeling chocolate, it doesn't matter; making lego pieces takes FOREVER. 

This cake comes in second for hardest and most time-consuming cake.  I'll share a post about the cake that took place #1 in that category later. 

But you know what?  All that work paid off; the boys LOVED their Lego cake.  The older brother didn't want anyone to eat his Lego pieces.  How cute is that?!  And although it took me a while, I really enjoyed making all the little pieces and feeling like a kid again building this Lego cake. 

Happy Birthday Henry & Holden.  I hope your Lego cake made your birthday extra special!

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