Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Mason!

My son, Mason, turned one this past August.  Posting something about his birthday treats has been on my to-do list for WAY too long.  So here we finally go.

We went with a whale theme using various shades of blue and teals with orange for his party.  It was so cute!  I figured we're going to be having a spider-, super-, bat- and whatever-else-man thing out there party in the coming future, I'd better choose something cutsie that I want to do. :) 

Unfortunately, he is not able to eat cake at this time because of some food allergy issues.  So, believe it or not, I didn't spend much time on his cake.  It was enough to feed everyone at the party but it wasn't an over-the-top cake with tons of leftovers.  (He enjoyed a bowl of his version of banana ice cream (pureed frozen bananas) and loved every second of it).  

I put the small cake on top of a fish bowl filled with water and some blue rocks to go with the theme.

The cupcakes were a variety of designs.  I used a chevron imprinted mat to make the teal background on the anchor toppers.  The anchors, as well as the whales, are made out of sugar and were previously purchased for a separate order.  I made the "1" toppers out of cutters I already had.  

The cupcakes and cakepops actually went onto this custom stand that I made to go with the decor.  I built it out of foam board and found some speciality glitter paper at Hob Lob to make the waves.  I'm sure this will probably be the first and last time Mason has glitter at this birthday party.

I loved how it all turned out.  He had no clue what was going on but I sure had a good time! :)

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!

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