Saturday, May 23, 2015

Back to Baking

Hey Y'all!  I'm back!

2014 was one crazy year in my life personally.  I can't believe we're almost half way into 2015.  I feel like I'm still recovering from 2014.

To recap, I moved three times and gave birth to my second baby.  It was a lot and I hope I'm done moving for at least a few years.

I've been very, very busy loving on my sweet new baby that was born this past October.  I've been baking here and there but nothing like what I used to do.  There's just no time!  Taking care of two little ones is so much work, especially when one is high energy 99.9% of the time, like my son. :)

I want to share a few of the past projects I had but forgot to share.  There's some good ones!

This was for a former student's birthday party

Birkin Bag cookies?!?  Yes, please.

I love, love, love this first birthday cake.  How sweet is this??

Girlie Curious George Birthday Cake
Might be the hardest birthday cake I've ever done.  It turned out so cool though.  

And the cupcakes that went with the fire truck cake.


Bridal Shower Cake.  I love the colors and sugar flowers on top.

Baby Shower

It's been nice to have a break but it feels great to get back to my hobby with benefits. :)  
Baking is definitely an outlet for me so thank you for the orders and the opportunity to practice my creative side!

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