Monday, May 5, 2014

Sophia's 3rd Birthday!

One of my son's friends, Sophia, turned 3 recently.  She had her birthday at one of those indoor gymnastic spots for toddlers and young children.  My son LOVES those birthday parties.  He literally runs around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Anyway, her mom wanted me to do the cupcakes for the adults and children.  Sophia loves rainbow colors, sprinkles, and DumDums so I made cupcakes just for her!

These with the DumDums are supposed to be like balloons sticking out of the cupcakes.  I saw the idea on Pinterest and those it was too cute.  The kids would like that better than fondant toppers anyway.

I did make some more adult-friendly cupcakes too.  I designed these on my computer and just printed them on paper.  Not edible but still cute. :)

Looking back at these photos just makes me smile.  The order itself was so fun to do because I know Sophia (& we love her and her family) but also because everything is so bright and colorful and everyone had a blast.

Happy 3rd Birthday Sophia!  We loved celebrating with you!!

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