Sunday, May 11, 2014

Personalized Cookies

I pride my business on personalization and individual touch I give to each order.  This order for Engagement Party cookies epitomizes that aspect of Create.Bake.Love.

A friend was hosting an Engagement Party for her brother in law and wanted 80 cookies with a picture of the engaged couple on each cookie.  She sent over about 20 beautiful photos and I picked out five different pictures.  I had them printed on edible paper with edible ink.  I don't have that machine myself and I've done it online in the past, but it was a little last minute so I used a place here in town.  The quality was amazing.  Each picture turned out like a regular picture and not all pixel-y. The color turned out really nice too.

I've blurred out the pictures with the couple not wearing sunglasses for privacy purposes but I can tell you that they are a beautiful couple! 

I made these tags with their initials and "Love is Sweet" for each cookie.  And then tied them with an ivory, sage green or lilac ribbon, which were the colors of their engagement party.

Congrats A & D on your engagement!
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