Sunday, December 15, 2013

Princess Allie's Royal Birthday

A mom in my Mom's bible study group sent over this cute invitation for her daughter's birthday.  I've smudged the private info out because I wanted to share how cute it is!  

She wanted me to make a cake that would coordinate with the invitation.  The graphics are too cute so I knew I would have fun with this one. :)

I made the hills out of green modeling chocolate and added the glittery flowers.  I also made the castle from the invitation out of fondant. 

I made the crown for the top.  Every princess needs a crown!

And here's the whole cake!  The princess on the side of the cake is just made out of fondant and I used an edible marker to make the eyes and smile.
If you see the princess on the side of the cake, you might see she's holding a star wand.  It was so cute when the birthday girl came to pick up her cake because she had a star wand in her hand.  It was perfect for her.
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