Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby By The Sea

My sweet friend Caitlin was hosting a baby shower for her cousin and needed some sweet treats quick! When she said they were doing a navy, teal, and green color scheme with whales, I got so excited.  She sent me the napkins they were using and I took it from there.  

There are some cute, cute, cute ideas out on Pinterest and I spent waaaaaay too long looking at so many fun ideas.  My time was limited so I had to be selective on what I could do.  I thought some cute whale cupcakes on a custom cupcake stand would do the trick for the order.

I didn't have a whale cutter, so I went to this etsy shop to find one.  It ended up being bigger than I needed, but I thought it was too cute to pass up.

I made different shades of fondant to match the napkins and cut the whales out.  I dried them in a curve because the cutter was too long; but it ended up working out because it made the whales look like they were swimming in the water.

Caitlin didn't order cookies, but I wanted to add a little something to complete the look.  I surprised her with these anchor butter cookies packaged and ready to go to hand out as favors.  

For my baby shower, a friend ordered butter cookies from this gal on Etsy and they were awesome!  Her cookies look and tasted amazing.  I'm so inspired by her work and frequent her shop to see her latest work. 

Working on these cookies kinda made me feel like those HGTV shows where they surprise the couple with a 'special project' that they didn't know they were getting.  :)

Thanks Caitlin for asking me to make this treat for your event.  I loved it so much I may do something similar for my little one's birthday!

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